Scottish independence referendum: David Torrance on grassroots and positivity of campaigns

 How effective have the emerging grassroots movements actually been in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum? And has the Yes campaign been more positive than that of No? Writer David Torrance, author of ‘The Battle for Britain: Scotland and the Independence Referendum’, lends us his perspective.


Cat Boyd, Radical Independence Campaign

Cat Boyd image

“I think we’re starting to win the argument. I think we have absolutely won the argument about an independent Scotland opening up opportunities for social justice, to actually have a more egalitarian society. That change isn’t going to happen at Westminster. My fear about the No vote is what happens, because all the polls right now are showing it pretty likely that the Conservatives will win in 2015, and that terrifies me. What is going to happen to ordinary people in Scotland and beyond? This is the one chance we have to break beyond that type of politics.”

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David Torrance talks about Scottish independence referendum and political situation

Political writer David Torrance, author of ‘The Battle for Britain: Scotland and the Independence Referendum’, talks to Independence Minded? about the situation as it currently stands regarding the Scottish independence referendum – and how things have changed since the vote was announced.

Tommy Sheridan on effect of grassroots for Scottish independence referendum

In this first clip from our Independence Minded? feature, Tommy Sheridan talks about the scale and effect of the Yes grassroots in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum vote.

Independence Minded? at Aye Inspired

Aye Inspired portrait: Gillian Martin

A look at the pro-independence art exhibition Aye Inspired, organised by artists Gillian Martin and Lindsay Allardyce, now on Medium:

Independence Minded? at Aye Inspired

At the Royal Highland Show

Farming For Yes image

Sunday June 29, 2014 –  Not one of our ‘proper’ portraits, but we were at the Royal Highland Show at the weekend, and talked to Farming For Yes and Rural Together about the future of Scottish agriculture – and why the result of the referendum could have a ‘devastating’ impact. Find it on Medium, or watch the video below: