Alex Massie interview about Scottish referendum vote now on Medium

Alex Massie image

(Photo: Jim Lang)

We talked to the writer and blogger Alex Massie, who has been covering the independence debate for the Spectator and the Scotsman, to find out more about all aspects of the referendum. How effective has the two sides of the debate been? Has the grassroots actually made a big difference? What happens after?

Independence Minded? talks to Alex Massie about Scottish referendum vote


Independence Minded? hits the streets with Better Together Aberdeen

Better Together Aberdeen coverIn the North-East of Scotland, supporters of a No vote brave dreary weather to try and persuade the undecided that stick… Find our feature on Medium:

Independence Minded? hits the streets with Better Together Aberdeen

Independence Minded? at Aye Inspired

Aye Inspired portrait: Gillian Martin

A look at the pro-independence art exhibition Aye Inspired, organised by artists Gillian Martin and Lindsay Allardyce, now on Medium:

Independence Minded? at Aye Inspired

At the Royal Highland Show

Farming For Yes image

Sunday June 29, 2014 –  Not one of our ‘proper’ portraits, but we were at the Royal Highland Show at the weekend, and talked to Farming For Yes and Rural Together about the future of Scottish agriculture – and why the result of the referendum could have a ‘devastating’ impact. Find it on Medium, or watch the video below: