Created by Michael MacLennan, Independence Minded? will be a documentary series of compelling, contemporary multimedia portraits using video, text and photography to tell the stories of those taking a stand in the run-up to Scotland’s independence referendum.

Yes or no, rich or poor, political novices or campaign veterans, what is it that convinced them to get involved? How are they hoping to achieve victory on September 18? And what do they hope to achieve afterwards? The portraits will be released in the period leading up to the vote, with a feature-length documentary intended for release in 2015.

Each of the portraits will document a significant day in the life of a person, group or party engaged in campaigning for a Yes or No vote. It would follow their activity and examine its importance, talking to the subject about the wider issues and their personal interest in the referendum.

At the heart of these portraits will be a five-to-eight-minute short documentary focussing on an individual or organisation (in the latter case talking to some of its primary members). This video would be accompanied by an in-depth article about the day and the subject matter, along with portrait photos of the main subjects. This will be combined into a visually stunning online mixed-media portrait that combines all these elements.

Due to budgetary and other constraints, the mainstream media in Scotland has mostly been bound to more traditional means of reporting. This centres around the main parties and major campaigns, and isn’t necessarily so representative of grassroots movements which have sprung up around the country. Independence Minded? would take a special interest in the wide and diverse range of voices looking to make themselves heard.

Rather than sticking to a narrow script, the series will include those who have found themselves suddenly politically engaged thanks to the issue of independence, as well as veterans for whom the referendum battle seems pivotal to their very identity.

For a number of reasons 2014 is already a historic year for Scotland, and it is important to capture as fully as possible a unique moment in its and the UK’s existence. ‘Independence Minded?’ will document this very special period, the results of which will be felt far into the future, capturing the characters, identities and viewpoints of those involved on both the winning and losing sides for posterity.


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