Alex Allison, Rural Together, at the Royal Highland Show

Alex Allison image

“The UK is our marketplace. We sell far more of our produce into the UK than the rest of the UK put together. In the beef industry, yes we sell as much as we can under the Scotch label, but most of our beef that’s produced goes out under a UK label and goes down to the English market, where it is still considered a home product – whereas the likes of beef coming from Ireland is considered an import. If we lose our membership of the United Kingdom, we are then on the same footing as the Republic of Ireland, and we would be an outside country importing into England which is still possible, but the Irish get 50p a kilo less at the farmgate for their beef. That in itself I think is a big enough reason. The lamb markets exactly the same. Why would you want to cut off 90% of your home market?”

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