Jim Sillars talks to Independence Minded?: ‘We have to eradicate poverty. Not talk about it, not produce ideas about it, but take action’


Now on Medium: The former Labour and SNP MP has become a figurehead for many in the Yes movement, balancing emotive and powerful arguments that appeal to the heart with a pragmatic, fully formed vision of an independent socialist Scotland, one which he has been fighting towards for more than 30 years. It’s a future different to that offered by Alex Salmond, and it’s closer than it has ever been, thanks in no small part to the grassroots movement which he has helped inspire along the way. We met him to find out more.

Independence Minded? talks to Tommy Sheridan: ‘I’ve used sunbeds most of my life, so I’ve got very tough skin…’

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Now on Medium – The dream of independence is closer than it’s ever been for the Scottish socialist and former MSP, who has put jail time behind him to go on a speaking tour that focuses on the future of his country — and which has put him back on the political map in Scotland, despite the wishes of some in the Yes campaign. We caught up with Tommy Sheridan when he was both in his hometown of Glasgow, and in his element.

Independence Minded? talks to Derek Bateman about the Scottish referendum


Now on Medium: To find out more about grassroots, how media bias has affected the debate, the strengths and weaknesses of the differing campaigns, and what will happen in the event of a Yes or No vote, we chatted to journalist and broadcaster Derek Bateman.

Independence Minded? receives a lesson from Academics Together

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Our latest multimedia feature now on Medium: A number of leading figures in academic research were joined by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and David Steel in Edinburgh to argue for remaining part of the UK, including Nobel Prize-winner Sir Paul Nurse. We talked to him, and heard from the others about why interconnectedness is so important to maintaining Scotland’s strong research reputation.

Independence Minded? at A Festival of the Common Weal

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Now on Medium: The Common Weal hopes to help shape a better Scotland through discussion and debate, and it held a celebratory event in Glasgow last month that featured music, art, comedy — and plenty of talk about what can be achieved in an independent country. We went along to find out more.

David Torrance on the Scottish independence referendum

Our series of video interviews with political writer David Torrance is now up on Medium, addressing everything from the current political situation and the grassroots to what will happen in the event of a Yes or No vote.


The Radical Independence Campaign, and its mass canvas


New multimedia portrait about the Radical Independence Campaign, and in particular its mass canvas event it held around Scotland in its attempts to get a Yes vote in the referendum vote.

Independence Minded?: the Radical Independence Campaign mass canvas

Alex Massie interview about Scottish referendum vote now on Medium

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(Photo: Jim Lang)

We talked to the writer and blogger Alex Massie, who has been covering the independence debate for the Spectator and the Scotsman, to find out more about all aspects of the referendum. How effective has the two sides of the debate been? Has the grassroots actually made a big difference? What happens after?

Independence Minded? talks to Alex Massie about Scottish referendum vote

Independence Minded? hits the streets with Better Together Aberdeen

Better Together Aberdeen coverIn the North-East of Scotland, supporters of a No vote brave dreary weather to try and persuade the undecided that stick… Find our feature on Medium:

Independence Minded? hits the streets with Better Together Aberdeen

At the Royal Highland Show

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Sunday June 29, 2014 –  Not one of our ‘proper’ portraits, but we were at the Royal Highland Show at the weekend, and talked to Farming For Yes and Rural Together about the future of Scottish agriculture – and why the result of the referendum could have a ‘devastating’ impact. Find it on Medium, or watch the video below:

Jim Sillars on what happens after Scottish independence referendum from Michael MacLennan on Vimeo.

Former Labour and SNP MP Jim Sillars, a figurehead for the independence movement, discusses what happens after the Scottish independence referendum – whether it’s a Yes or No vote.

Video: Jim Sillars on what happens after Scottish independence referendum

Jim Sillars on his 12-year journey from being a Unionist to supporting Scottish independence

A preview clip from our upcoming feature on Jim Sillars, in which he talks about his “12-year journey” from being a Unionist to supporting independence for Scotland.

Jim Sillars on his 12-year journey from being a Unionist to supporting Scottish independence from Michael MacLennan on Vimeo.